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Don't Touch That Switch !

About the inventor.

Hi, I'm Eric. 

The inventor of the e-Lock Switch Guard.  I invented the e-Lock Switch Guard 

with a passion to solve a real problem.  You could say I was obsessed with the

idea to find a solution to prevent people from touching switches in my home. 

One minute the TV is on and the next minute it is off. All because someone shut

the switch off.  Many times, the alarm clock in the bedroom was off because

someone shut the switch off. How about the countless times the outdoor security

lights didn't turn on because? You guessed it.  Many of us have a reason to

lock a switch "On" or "Off."  Whether your locking the gas fireplace switch "Off" in the

summer season or keeping power "On" to your electronics controlled by a wall switch, you'll need an e-Lock Switch Guard. We all have a reason for an attractive and functional switch guard. The e-Lock Switch Guard.

The list is long as to why a light switch guard is needed.  If you're like me and I

believe you are, our solution was finding the ugliest tape in the house and sticking

it on the switch.  Maybe you took a "post-it" note and wrote "Don't Touch Switch."


I lost a lot of sleep thinking about the solution.  And then it came to me. 

So I grabbed some paper, tape and scissors to craft my concept and design.

The switch guards needed 3 important features and 2 styles.

One style for a standard wall switch and another for a Decora wall switch. 


The 3 features- 

First, it has to be FUNCTIONAL.  I wanted to invent a light switch guard that allows me to have control. Such as locking the light switch "On" or "Off, but need the ability to use the switch when I want too. So, my switch guard must have a simple easy to use button. 

Second, it must to be AESTHETHIC and ATTRACTIVE. After all, tape and notes are

useless and ugly. My light switch guard has to be designed with the right size and curves in mind to blend with your existing switches and wall plate.  It was a challenge to make this happen and took lots of thought.

Third, my light switch guard will be available with a choice of the two most popular

COLORS. White and Ivory.

What was once a concept and vision on paper, is now a functional and attractive light switch guard. It has become the preferred choice of parents and the general public.


The best part is you!  The countless number of customers who searched for a solution

to control their switches and have bought the e-Lock Switch Guard.  


Thank You to everyone who has shared their thoughts about the e-Lock Switch Guard. 



  Eric Wechsler


White Toggle

Switch Guard

Toggle White Light Switch Guard

Ivory Toggle
Switch Guard

Toggle Ivory Light Switch Guard

White Decora

Switch Guard

Ivory Decora

Switch Guard

Decora Almond Light Switch Guard
Decora White Light Switch Guard
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