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About the inventor.

How the
e-Lock Switch Guard came to be.

Eric Inventor of e-Lock Switch Guard

Hi, I'm Eric Wechsler.

I invented the e-Lock Switch Guard because I had a passion to solve a real problem. 
You could say I was obsessed with finding a way
 to prevent people from touching switches in my home that control electrical outlets and lights.

One minute the TV was on and the next minute it was off, all because someone hit
a switch on the wall.  Many times, the alarm clock in the bedroom was blinking because
someone hit another switch. How about all the times the outdoor security lights didn't turn on because... ? You guessed it. 

Many of us have a reason to lock a switch "On" or "Off." Whether you're
 locking the gas fireplace switch off for the summer season or keeping power on to your electronics, you need an e-Lock Switch Guard.

If you're like me, your light switch solution was finding the ugliest tape in the house and sticking it on the switch. Maybe you took a Post-It note and wrote "Do Not Touch."

I knew there was a better way and designed the switch guards to make life easier for me and you.

After thinking about the concept and design it became clear the switch guards had to be available in 2 styles: one for a standard wall switch and another for a Decora switch. 
It also had to have 3 important features:

1) It's FUNCTIONAL. The switch guard can be locked in an "On" or "Off."  You have the flexibility to use it when you want with the simple, easy-to-use button. You're in control.

2) It's ATTRACTIVE. After all, tape and notes just look bad. The switch guards design will blend with existing switches and wall plates. 

3) It's available in two of the most popular COLORS: white and ivory.

What was once a concept and vision on paper is now the functional and attractive
e-Lock switch guard. 
Customers from around the country searched for a solution to
control their switches and are satisfied with their e-Lock Switch Guard! 
And thank you for considering the e-Lock Switch Guard. Get yours now!

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