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Usage & Installation of e-Lock Switch Guard


"A cure for a different type of headache."

Install the e-Lock Switch Guards to switches that control any of the following devices:
TV, baby monitors, garage door opener, furnace, security lights, timers, attic fans, flood light camera and more.

For Safety

Keep our little ones away from switches

Child proofing light switch

For Convenience

Keep power to electronics

switch guard for TV Theatre

For Security 

Keep power to the flood light camera

switch guard for security cam
E-Lock Switch Gaurd For Security Camera
E-Lock Switch Guard Toggle Style Features
Lock switch for garbage disposal
E-Lock Sswitch Guard Toggle Style Installation
E-Lock Switch Guard decora features
Lock switch guard for computer
E-Lock Switch Guard Decora Style Installation

The e-Lock Switch Guards are designed to be compatible on a variety of switches
and devices. 
With its beauty and functionality, the e-Lock Switch Guards are the
                       preferred choice when 
safety and convenience matter. 

Exclusive Design

e-Lock Switch Guard Decora Style is Unique.
It can be installed on 4 different devices!
(Check it out for yourself below by hovering over each switch)

Digital Timer

Decora white switch guard package

Rocker Switch

Stacker Switch

Motion Sensor

Install to switch or device to maintain program settings

Kid Proof Light Protection rocker switch
e-Lock Switch Guard Decora installed on Decora Stacker Switch
e-Lock Decora Switch Guard on a Timer for Lights
 switch Guard motion sensor switch
e-Lock Switch Guard Decora on a motion sensor
e-Lock Switch Guard Decora on a Stacker Switch
switch guard digital timer protector
e-Lock Switch Guard Decora on a digital timer switch
Baby Proof Light Protection Decora switch
e-Lock Switch Guard Decora on a Decora Switch

White Toggle
Switch Guard

Ivory Toggle
Switch Guard

White Decora
Switch Guard

Ivory Decora
Switch Guard

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