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e-Lock Light Switch Guard FAQ's

   The e-Lock Switch Guard™ is the only solution needed.  

What is e-Lock Light Switch Guard? 
     It's an attractive and functional light switch guard that locks your switch "on" or "off ".  

     How does it work?
     Press the button on the e-Lock Switch Guard™ to use the switch.   
 Does that mean I can still use the switch?
     Yes! This is what makes it special and a must have!
Is it easy to install?
     You betcha! Just attach to your existing switch. Done.
Can I install more than one switch guard side by side?
     Absolutely! It's designed for any combination you choose.
How many styles are there?
     2 Styles. Toggle Switch Guard and Decora Switch Guard.
What colors are available?
     Select from White and Ivory.
Can I install a Decora switch guard on a digital wall timer?
     Yes. Our Decora switch guard is one of a kind. It protects
  the button so settings remain the same. You're in control!

     Can I install a Decora switch guard on a motion sensor switch?   
      Yes. Our Decora switch guard is a one of a kind. It protects    
  the button so settings remain the same. You're in control!

     Can I install multiple switch guards or a combination of switch
     guards on a switch plate?

     Yes. The choice is yours. Install in any arrangement desired. 

     Where can I get my own e-Lock Switch Guard™?
      Click "Get an e-Lock Switch Guard" below. 
Many parents find the e-Lock Switch Guards to be helpful with deterring children from playing with switches.

Disclaimer: DO NOT INSTALL  e-Lock Switch Guards on switches that control medical equipment and devices. 

Return Policy

The e-Lock Switch Guard is backed by a guarantee against defects and function for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. Any switch guard that is defective will be replaced at no charge. (shipping not included)  We require the damaged product to be mailed to our P.O. Box 6715 Freehold, NJ 07728. The warranty is for the switch guard under normal use. Any abuse is not covered.  The replacement is for the same type of switchguard returned. The staff at E.J, Works holds the right to review and determine if the product is defective through reasonable means.  If for some reason you simply decide to return a switch guard, the time period is for 30 days.



Please contact E.J. Works via email at to initiate a return.

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