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e-Lock Light Switch Guard FAQ's

   The e-Lock Switch Guard™ is the only solution needed.  

   What is Light Switch Guard? 
   It's an attractive and functional light switch guard that locks your switch "on" or "off ".  
   How does it work?
   Press the button on the e-Lock Switch Guard™ to use the switch.   
   Does that mean I can still use the switch?
   Yes! This is what makes it special and a must have!
   Is it easy to install?
   You betcha! Just attach to your existing switch. Done.
   Can I install more than one switch guard side by side?
   Absolutely! It's designed for any combination you choose?
   How many styles are there?
   2 Styles. Toggle Switch Guard and Decora Switch Guard.
   What colors are available?
   Select from White and Ivory.
   Where can I get my own e-Lock Switch Guard™?
   Click the button below. Thank you. 

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