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Reviews of the e-Lock Switch Guard


Gerry, K.
Houston, TX

To whom it may concern, we ordered several of the e-Lock Switch Guards. Couldn't have come at a better time. I installed the switch guard on the garbage disposal switch too. That right there is good enough a reason to install one. 

Karen, P.
Woodbridge, NJ

I run a home based business and my fax machine was periodically shut off because someone accidentally shut off the light switch. When I heard about the e-Lock, I purchased one immediately. It's easy to install and use. Now I receive all my faxed correspondence. It's nice to find a product that provides such convenience at an affordable price. 

Steven, A.
Laurel, MD

I am very satisfied with my e-Lock Switch Guards.I needed something aesthetic that would allow me to keep the switches on and turn them off as necessary. I was using duct tape to prevent my children from turning off the switches that control my outdoor security lights. Luckily I discovered this guard on the Internet and the rest is history. Installation is hassle free and the extra long screws provided matched the switch plate perfectly. 

S, O'Connor
Huntington Beach, CA

This thing is awesome. For some bizarre reason, the previous owners of our house installed the garbage disposal switch at hip (and toddler) level. This was an accident waiting to happen... until I found this device. It installed easily over the existing switch. It's easy enough to operate with one hand (an adult's strength and dexterity) but secure enough that it will prevent anything unintentional.

Tom, B.
Zionville, IN

I will be ordering six e-Lock Switch Guards on Monday. I have been looking for this exact type of product for a about two years. I have several outdoor lights on photo cells with a switch override. I do not want these switches turned off inadvertently, something my wife and kids have done on many occasions. 

Kim, J.
Phoenix, AZ

Love it. Love It.  I have 2 babies and we use baby monitors around the home to listen to the babies if we're not wathcing them such as when they sleep. The baby monitors are plugged into an outlet but when the switch is turned off, we lose power to the monitor.  We installed 3 switch guards. One in the Master Bed Room, Baby's Room and Living Room. This ia an amazing product. I will be recommending this to the Mom's I am friends with.

Steven, S.
Pittsburg, PA

Genious!!!! Finally a product that makes living with a 3 year old easier. The mighty battle of whether the light should stay on or off is over! 

Chappaqua, NY

I have three words for the e-Lock Switch Guard.  Since I'm formal.  Simple, attractive and ingenious. I would recommend this to any home owner and business, Outstanding Product.

Miami, FL

I have tried different kinds of light switch covers to stop my special needs child from turning the light on at night in his room. Nothing ever worked before. He would tear it from the wall, even the ones that were screwed into the actual light plate. This one is wonderful and easy for adults to use. I highly recommend this item. It is one of my best buys.

Deborah, N.
Philly, PA

Great product, keeps my lights off when I need them off and vice-versa. Worth every penny. Will pay for itself quickly because my outside lights will not be on 24/7 without my knowledge!'s the little things that drive us crazy and this is one aggravation I can cross off my list LOL.

Happy MOM
Philly, PA

I am a tired working mom that just wants my 17 month old to stop turning on the garbage disposal switch. 

I installed this with just a screwdriver in under a minute and it came with the screws that it needed.  This is a good one. A mom can install it, it doesn't fall off, it is too hard for my child to use, but easy enough for me to use regularly without dreading it. It is a perfect fit. I bought three different kinds.  I love it. A parent review helped me find this so I am returning the review favor. 

Jenny, F.

I love this product. It was extremely easy to install, easy for me to use, didn't damage the light switch. Most importantly, it completely ended the light switch battle I was having with my 2 year old.

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