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We know you have switches you wish no one would touch. So that's why we created a cure for a different type of headache. e-Lock Switch Guard..


Toggle elock switch guard for a table lamp

Features a simple press button to unlock and lock the switch guard for normal use.

Toggle eLock switch guard

Toggle Style

Decora elock switch guard

Decora Style

When you need the Switch ON! 

 When you need the Switch OFF!

  Touch what you want but  don't touch that Switch !!


Toggle Switch Guard

Toggle e- Lock Light Switch Guard package

comes in two different colors

Rocker Switch Guard

e-Lock Switch Guard package

comes in two different colors

For Safety

Keep our little ones away from switches

Child proof light switch e-Lock Guard

For Convenience

Keep power to electronics

eLock Light Switch Guard for TV switch

For Security

Keep power to a flood light camera

e-Lock Light Switch Guard for security camera
Toggle e- Lock Light Switch Guard package

Most of us place unsightly tape and notes over our switches to cover it.
Kids can driving you crazy playing with the switches.

Your Solution is Here!   Install an e-Lock Switch Guard.
It's an attractive and functional switch guard. Featuring a simple push button that allows you to unlock the switch to use it. Then locks automatically. Installs in seconds. 

 Toggle Switch Style

Toggle e-Lock Guard protects switches

Decora Rocker Switch Style

Decora e-Lock Guard protects switches


Our e-Lock Switch Guards

Choose a style & color below.
Our switch guards are designed to blend with your home decor.

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