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Take Control of  your Switches!
Install an
e-Lock Switch Guard     


When you need the Switch ON !
See what happens when your buddy makes the wrong move!

 When you need the Switch OFF !
 Mom and Dad need some alone time!
 Baby not having it!

Toggle Switch Guard

Toggle e- Lock Light Switch Guard package

comes in two different colors

Rocker Switch Guard

e-Lock Switch Guard package

comes in two different colors

For Safety

Keep our little ones away from switches

child proof light switch

For Convenience

Keep power to electronics

Light Swich Guard to Protect Electronics

For Security

Keep power to flood light camera

Stay Safe with Light Switch Cover Guard

Do you have unsightly tape and notes over your switches to cover it?
Kids driving you crazy playing with the switches? We thought so!

Your Solution is Here!   Install an e-Lock Switch Guard.
It's an attractive and functional switch guard. Featuring a simple push button that allows you to unlock the switch to use it. Then locks automatically. Installs in seconds. 

 Toggle Switch Style



Installing e-Lock Switch Guard.
Features a simple push button.

e-Lock Switch Guard Protector