Who is the e-Lock Switch Guard Inventor?

Eric Wechsler is a licensed electrician and it should be of no surprise to know that he invented and patented the e-Lock Switch Guard.

Thoughts from him: The switch guard was designed with beauty and function to solve a real problem in your home and workplace, including my own. I have a passion for my product which took me quite some time to engineer, produce and package. Every time one or several e-Lock Switch Guards are ordered, I personally package them and feel a sense of accomplishment from knowing you, 'the customer' found my product online because you were looking for a solution to prevent people from touching your switches. No one wants to have notes and tape on the switches. Parents with autistic children have turned out to be a large community of customers and I didn't realize that. These parents have written me and have posted online their thoughts. I'm very happy to have the privilege in providing a product that makes things a bit easier in their home.

Now you can take control of your switches using our Toggle e-Lock Switch Guard and Decora e-Lock Switch Guard.

Thanks to all of you, I've mailed them across the U.S. and Canada. I wish I could individually thank every customer personally in person. For now, I'll continue to write everyone who orders via email."


Eric Wechsler

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