Don't Touch That Switch !

Take control of your switches with an e-Lock Switch Guard.

Features a push button to unlock and lock automatically.

How To Install

Remove ugly tape

Remove two screws

Install Switch Guard

    Problem Solved

Remove Ugly Tape From Switch
install switch guard.jpg
install screws.jpg

How To Use

press button.jpg

Press the Button to override the locking feature. Move switch to the

on or off position. Release button. Problem solved!

     Switches in your home and office control lights and outlets with many electronic devices being used.

     Take control of your switches.  Install an e-Lock Switch Guard for safety and convenience.




For Convenience!

When the Switch has to say "ON"

Install an e-Lock Switch Guard when you use....

-Baby Monitors

-Security Cameras in the home

-Table Top Computers

-TV Entertainment System

-Automated Security Lights

-Fish Tank Filter


-Cell Phone Chargers

-And Much More

For Safety!

When the Switch has to stay "OFF"


Install an e-Lock Switch Guard when you use....


-Garbage Disposal

-Gas Fire Place

-Attic Fans

-Attic Light

-Crawl Space Light


-And Much More

Here are a few examples of where to install an e-Lock Switch Guard

White Toggle

Switch Guard

Ivory Toggle

Switch Guard

White Decora

Switch Guard

Ivory Decora

Switch Guard